The H 250 M 9 flowmeter for liquids and gases is an all-metal flowmeter which operates on the float principle. Depending on the flowrate, the float will assume a certain vertical position in the tube. The float position is transmitted by a magnetic coupling system to the scale. The flowmeter is designed for installation in a vertical pipe run with flow from bottom to top. The rugged construction of the H 250 variablearea flowmeter makes it particularly suitable for difficult application and environmental conditions. The H 250 flowmeter can be equipped with the M9 indicator.

In the M9 indicator the rotational movement of the follower magnet system is transmitted to the indicator without being linearized and the flowrate value is indicated directly on the scale.

M9 indicator :

  • Simple, low-cost installation: Measure and display without auxiliary power supply
  • Large scale for good readability
  • Modular and flexible to adapt to customer-specific applications
  • – 2 limit switches (NAMUR or 3-wire transistor)
  • – 2-wire analog output 4…20mA with HART – Profibus PA interface
  • – 6-digit flow counter with pulse output (non Ex)
  • Optional stainless steel housing for corrosive atmospheres

H250 measuring cone :

  • Sturdy stainless steel construction for high operating pressure up to 3000 bar and extreme process temperatures from -200°C to +300°C
  • Optionally available with PTFE/ceramic liner for acids and alkalis
  • High application security, even with extremely small flows
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • Upper limit of measurement for liquids: 10 to 120,000 l/h (water: 20°C)
  • Upper limit of measurement for gases: 0.7 to 2800 m3/h (air: 20°C, 1.013 bar)
  • Accuracy 1.6 % of measured value acc. VDI/VDE 3513-2 (qG=50%)

• Continuous gas and liquid measurement
• Measurement of non-conductive media
• Industrial combustion control
• Compressor monitoring
• Dry-run protection of pumps

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